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From Concept to Contoured: How the Contour Cube was created

My mother swears by ice facials. I’ve watched her for years icing her face with chunky blocks of ice from the freezer, and while it looked messy, and somewhat frustrating, there’s no doubt that it helped my mom maintain her youthful complexion and natural glowing skin. She recommended I give it a try. Being me, I wanted to know as much about the benefits as I could. I read everything I could find on ice facials and was amazed at how many incredible benefits had been documented. So, I began my own facial icing journey.

They quickly became my favourite instant wake-me-up in the mornings. My skin felt refreshed, revitalised, and tighter. Ice facials became part of my everyday skincare routine, and I was loving how they made my skin look and feel. What I was not loving was struggling with holding uncomfortable cold, slippery ice cubes that melted and dripped down my fingers. I wanted to create something that would protect my hands and make it easier to massage the ice over my face. I looked for something online, trying to find a facial icing tool that would work. After many fruitless searches, it hit me. I would design the perfect tool myself! That way I could design it to fit the contours of the face as well as be comfortable and easy to use. I immediately put pen to paper and the Contour Cube was born.

Facial icing has been around for centuries and has been a secret weapon of celebrity facialists and make-up artists as a natural makeup primer and instant facelift. A little like the popular gua sha or jade or crystal roller, cooling or icing globes have been around a long time – but I couldn’t find a single tool that I felt would work the way I wanted it to. You can imagine how shocked I was that, despite being a popular remedy for removing dark circles, treating acne or redness, removing puffiness, and rejuvenating dull, tired skin, people were
still using slippery ice cubes! I even went down a rabbit hole trying to find cryotherapy facial tools - anything that would protect my hands from the cold, sculpt the contours of my face, all without worrying about sharp edges. I found nothing! It was time to make my own!

Simple, minimalistic, effective, and easy to use - well, that didn’t seem like too much to ask! But believe me, despite the Contour Cube’s perceived simplistic design, it was an extensive development process. Over several months, my partner Lewis and I tested multiple shapes and materials. There was a lot of trial and error where we reviewed numerous hand built prototypes and samples and it took a long time before we were truly satisfied with the final
result. We put our own 3D printer to good use, designing and printing a range of shapes until – Eureka! We finally printed a prototype we knew was the One! We had our very first Contour Cube in our hands. You can imagine that this moment was pretty exciting. We showed it to my mom, our very first and most loyal customer. The result… she loved it!

We had successfully designed what was to become The Contour Cube, a highly effective icing tool perfect for at home cryo facials. The Contour Cube is a convenient, non-slip tool that uses ice to effectively sculpt the contours of your face without worrying about sharp edges and cold fingers.

After my mom’s resounding thumbs up, I posted our Contour Cube on TikTok in February 2021. To my surprise, you loved it The Contour Cube was a hit! That first video went viral! I couldn’t believe it. We were getting so many amazing and heat-warming comments which only went crazy when I shared my inspiration for the creation of the product, my mom. Our followers loved her story and all of a sudden we had an online community of devoted ice facialists! We like to call them our ‘Contour Crew’ and they continue to grow every day. We hope that you’ll join us and discover the amazing benefits of the Contour Cube for yourself.